What are the Chihuahua Puppy Uglies?

Long hair Chihuahuas are one of the most beautiful dogs ever. So, what do people mean when they talk about the chihuahua puppy uglies?

Your chihuahua puppy is born with one coat of fluffy soft fur.  The chihuahua puppy uglies is a ‘term’ that has been used to describe the transition from their baby soft fur to the more adult coat.

What do the Chihuahua Puppy Uglies look like?
At about 4-8 months your chihuahua’s fur may start to thin, fall out or shed heavily. This may be most noticeable in a long-haired chihuahuas. They are also growing fast and may start to look a bit stringy and gangly. Typical teenager. But don’t worry this stage won’t last long. You also may be lucky and not go through this stage as not all chihuahuas do.
If his/her fur is falling out and patches of skin show, take her to the vet to check it is not something more serious.

Getting His/Her Adult Coat
When they are adults, about 1 years for chihuahua, they should start to think about getting a proper adult coat, which consists of 2 coats of fur. An undercoat is short and thick and the overcoat is longer, soft and fluffy and looks gorgeous. Long coat chihuahuas tend to have softer fur than their short coat chums.
But it can take a couple of years (even three) for your chihuahuas full adult coat to come through. 

Will my Puppy Change color?
It is entirely possible for your chihuahua to come through a different color when they get their full coat. It is so common that you can almost expect it. 



Chihuahua coats do not require trimming as they only grow to a specific length. Although if your chi has fringing on his toes it might be a good idea to keep it cut short as they can look untidy and get dirty. Also, you might need to keep his pants trimmed, if they get too long they can get pooped on.
Looking after your chihuahua’s coat is easy. Keep them brushed regularly and washed with a gentle dog specific shampoo. 

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