Puppy Application

Please cut and paste into your email fill out and email back to us!

  PUPPY APPLICATION FORM To purchase a puppy from D's Darling AKC Long Hair Chihuahuas, the following Application must be filled out and returned to us by email, before being considered: CONTACT INFORMATION Applicant Name: __________________________________________

Co-Applicant Name: __________________________________________ Relationship: __________________________________________

Children & ages: __________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________

City: __________________________________________

State/Province: ___________________ Postal Code: _________________

Home Phone: __________________________________________

Work Phone: __________________________________________

Email: __________________________________________

QUESTIONNAIRE INFORMATION Have you ever owned a Chihuahua? yes __ no__ How did you hear about us? _____________________________ What do you know about this breed (temperament, health, etc)? _____ ____________________________________________________________ What is your first choice of puppy?     Sex: male __ female __ 

Color: ______Size_____________ What is your second choice of puppy? Sex: male __ female __ Color: ______Size_____________

I am looking for a Pet/Companion _______

I am looking for a show dog ________

Do you own or rent your home? own __ rent __

What kind of home do you live in? ______________________________

Do you have a fenced yard? yes __ no __ ____________________

Who will be primarily be responsible for this dogs care? ____________

How many hours per day will your dog be alone? __________________ Who will care for your puppy while you are on vacation? ___________

If you have to move, what will you do with your dog? _______________ ____________________________________________________________ What will you do with your dog if you have children? _______________ ____________________________________________________________ Are you willing to be responsible for this dog for the next 14 years or more? ______________________________________________________

Will this dog be taken to the Vet annually for check-ups? yes __ no __

Please provide the name and address of your Veterinarian. We may contact them for a reference.

NAME: ___________________________________________

TELEPHONE: ______________________________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________

Where will your dog sleep at night? _____________________________

What will you do with your dog when no one is at home? ___________ ____________________________________________________________

What will you do if your dog exhibits dissatisfactory behavior, ie; barking, messing in the house, chewing, etc?__________________ ____________________________________________________________ Does everyone in your home want a puppy? yes__ no __

Have you read D's Darling AKC Long Hair Chihuahua’s Buy/Sell Contract? yes __ no __

Please provide two personal references outside your immediate home.



Applicant signature: ________________________________  

D's Darling AKC Long Hair Chihuahuas
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